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A way to deal with a flat tire – a tire repair kit

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A way to deal with a flat tire – a tire repair kit!

Car manufacturers are increasingly meeting the expectations of their customers. These expectations mainly focus on saving money and time. In response to these expectations, car manufacturers equip their cars with tire repair kits. Why? Mainly because repairing a flat tire is definitely less laborious and time-consuming solution than a visit to a vulcanization workshop or calling for roadside assistance. The popularity of tire repair kits is steadily increasing and no decrease in interest is expected, on the contrary. The answer to the question about the reasons for the above-mentioned interest can be found later in the article.

Tire Mobility Kit (TKM) – what it is?

In the beginning it is worth explaining what a tire repair kit actually is. The wheel repair kit is an alternative to the spare wheel. The average weight of the wheel weighs about 15 kilograms, and this weight increases fuel consumption. The repair kit is amazingly lightweight and takes up little space – some innovative kits are so small that they can be stored even in the glove box. Each wheel repair kit consists of two elements. The first is a bottle with sealing liquid, and the second is a compressor. Still, everything depends on the manufacturer. There are integrated and non-integrated sets. Integrated structures are matched to each other, and thus – their operation is more effective. In turn, non-integrated constructions are not matched, but they can be used in conjunction with products offered by different manufacturers

Advantages of wheel repair systems

The advantages of tire repair systems offered on the market include primarily:

  • the simplicity of solution – using most repair systems is child’s play;
  • saving time – this is the main purpose of characterized systems, the use of a compressor and sealing fluid takes only a few minutes;
  • saving money – wheel repair kits are not expensive, especially when considering the possibility of their repeated use;
  • not worrying about having a spare wheel;
  • not charging the car;
  • reducing fuel consumption;
  • freeing up space in the boot of the car;
  • hygiene issues – the driver using the wheel repair kit will not get dirty as in the case of a traditional wheel change;
  • no need to use vulcanization services;
  • no waiting for roadside assistance.

As you can see, there are many advantages of wheel repair systems. However, no system is flawless. So let’s take a look at the negative aspects of this type of solution.

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Disadvantages of wheel repair systems

The disadvantages of tire repair systems offered on the market include primarily the following issues

  • most repair systems “patches” only small tread punctures, most often they are less than or equal to six millimeters;
  • repair systems usually cannot cope with longitudinal tire rupture;
  • most of the characterized solutions offered on the market will not be able to repair the punctured tire from the side;
  • improper use of the repair kit may cause the driver whose purpose is to repair the tire to damage it even more, and these changes will no longer be repairable;
  • some services refuse to have the tire repaired after the driver’s wheel repair kit was used (especially the cheap one), especially when using kits not manufactured by reputable companies.

Of course, no solution is perfect. However, it should be objectively stated that wheel repair systems have definitely more advantages than disadvantages.

Which tire repair system should you choose?

The advantages and disadvantages of repair systems for inflating wheels have been described above. These advantages definitely encourage the purchase of a repair kit. In turn, the underlying flaws may cause the potential buyer to not know which repair kit to choose to reduce the number of flaws in this solution. An innovative system, valued by major manufacturers in the automotive industry, is the wheel repair kit with an Aircom compressor. (CompAir Compressor with SealAir2K bottle of sealant). This set is used to repair a punctured or damaged tire. It consists of two top-quality components – a tire compressor and a sealant.

Why you should opt for a tire repair kit by Aircom?

The Aircom tire repair kit has many benefits that are described in detail in this article (the benefits of wheel repair systems). In addition, unlike the solutions offered by other manufacturers, it is not characterized by the majority of the mentioned disadvantages (disadvantages of wheel repair systems). The evidence is specific data and figures. And so the Aircom set guarantees:

  • the possibility of continuing the journey up to 200 kilometers, which is about 125 miles;
  • the ability to reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour, which is about 50 miles per hour;
  • the possibility of repeated use and storage life- the life span of SealAirc2K by Aircom bottle of sealant is five years.

The repair kit for repairing a damaged or punctured tire is an innovative solution that has been tested, modernized, and improved many times. The resulting solution responds to the needs and expectations of even the most demanding drivers.

What are the features that distinguish the Aircom wheel repair kit from kits from other manufacturers? (CompAir Compressor with SealAir2K sealant bottle as a set)

The Aircom tire mobility kit stands out from the competition. Its advantage is, among others, having the features described below.

  • Simple operation – the connector allows for quick and easy application of the set, just connect the sealant to the compressor.
  • Protection against pollution – the safety system in which the sealant bottle is fitted prevents it from leaking.
  • Permanent improvements – Aircom repair kits inflate the wheel much faster than traditional kits.
  • Easy set preparation for next use – after using the set you only need to disconnect the sealant and compressor.
  • Small size – the Aircom set is the smallest professional set available on the market.
  • Low weight – the Aircom set is also the lightest set available on the market.
  • Personalization – customer needs and requirements are different, which is why Aircom repair kits are tailored to them. (we do UX tests)
  • Efficiency – thanks to numerous modernizations, the solution has been able to create a system that is 20% more efficient than those offered by the competition.
  • Service life – the multiple uses of the Aircom repair kit ensures comfort and savings for its users.
  • Ecology – at Aircom, we care about the natural environment, which is why the ingredients contained in the sealant we offer are of natural origin.

As you can see, the Tire Repair Kit by Aircom is a solution that definitely stands out on the market. AirMobilityKit2K = CompAir2K compressor + SealAir2k sealant bottle).


  • Spare wheel or tire repair kit?

The article definitely proves that a solution to the 21st century, which many drivers like to use and will certainly use more and more of them, is a tire mobility kit. Of course, it has its disadvantages, but the overwhelming number of advantages of the set testifies to its effectiveness.

  • Are all  TMK (Tire Repair Kits) the same good solution?

It is hard to rate all tire repair kits the same. And although seemingly everyone consists of the same elements – a tire compressor and sealant, the sets differ significantly from each other.  There are more and more such sets on the market. Oblivious faster more lightweight and premium quality solutions are the best ones. A small part of them after use allows you to continue traveling up to 200 kilometers, reach speeds of up to 80 kilometers per hour, and repeatedly used for several years. A tire repair kit that meets all of these requirements is an Aircom brand kit. Aircom  AirMobilityKit2k is the faster and smallest of the solution on the market. With millions of cars on the road with the Aircom compressor, we can say that this solution is one of the definitive market leaders.

Everyone interested in the characterized Aircom tire repair kit is encouraged to contact us. We are happy to answer your questions and dispel any doubts.