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Aircom at Jobicon Recruitment Fair

Aircom Group employees will participate in Jobicon Recruitment Fair by

The Jobicon event will take place in Centennial Hall in Wrocław on the 8th of October. It will be a great opportunity for visitors to meet and talk to Aircom’s managers. At midday, Kinga Salus, Ph.D, and Rafał Kejna will appear on the stage with a lecture In the beggining was a Compressor.

Aircom Group is searching for employees at local and all-Poland market. Recruitment fairs is a great chance for us to know valuable candidates to work in brand new projects. Dynamic development of our companies in Wrocław/Pietrzykowice and Gliwice generates a need of employing both newcomers and experienced workers.



Rafał Kejna

Product Development and Innovation Expert. Rafał has been in Aircom for 6 years. He has developed most of the compressors manufactured now - from the concept phase to the implementation and homologation. He does tests and research for new constructional solutions and new materials to use. Rafał cooperates with engines suppliers in the range of performance optimization.

Kinga Salus, Ph.D.

Chemical Products RnD Manager. She formulates and implements new generations of Aircom's sealants for tire mobiliy kits. She takes care about product research and development as well as process of manufacturing. Together with her team, she combines chemistry and mechanics to provide eco and user friendly product.


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