Aircom at the edge of the polar circle.

Aircom at the edge of polar circle.
Research expedition overview

Homologation for Aircom’s sealant succeeded

Aircom Team went to Swedish Arjeplog, in which the greatest OEMs conduct their tests. Wrocław expedition got to the edge of polar circle due to homologation tests of Aircom’s sealant, a part of Aircom Tire Mobility Kit.

Aircom team was working at the IceMakers company making tests through two weeks, from the 4th of February. A large part of the tests were performed in terms of the TÜV homologation. For our research, we used our two test vehicles, VW Touareg.

Amount of driven kilometers during tests in Arjeplog: 1192 (two test vehicles)
Number of conducted sealant tests: 91
Number of cars we drove to Sweden: 3
Aircom employees for the tests in Sweden: 8
Tested sealant bottles capacity: 350 ml i 450 ml
Place of punching:
Tread: 13
Shoulder: 78
Tested wheels sizes:
255/55 R18 – taken tires number: 36, taken rims number: 14
285/40 R20 – taken tires number: 16, taken rims number: 8
315/40 R21 – taken tires number: 6, taken rims number: 2
255/40 R19 – taken tires number: 6, taken rims number: 4
IN TOTAL: taken tires number: 64, taken rims number: 28

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