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Aircom PC shortcuts

Time is money.
And these days we count every second. When an activity takes us 1/10th of a minute it seems insignificant, but when we repeat it 100 times in a day the perspective suddenly changes. When we work with a computer we do a huge number of small things, from selecting the right folder to, for example, printing a file. Each action requires us to hover over a small tile with a small cursor, or often to rummage through the odes of company files.

Keyboard shortcuts.
That’s why operating systems have many simplifications to make our work easier. Everyone has heard of CTRL + C and CTRL + V, think that from today you would have to right-click, copy, right-click, and paste every time. It is the same with other activities in front of the computer, for which you will learn shortcuts. They make your work so easy that later you don’t even think about going back.

Aircom Shortcuts.
You can download it here, prepared by us a4 sheet with selected shortcuts. The list does not exhaust all possibilities, but it is an ideal start. Everyone will find a key combination they can’t live without.

>> Download PDF file here <<

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