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Automotive production plants worldwide (2017 vs. 2018)

Automotive production plants worldwide (2018 vs. 2017)

The year 2019 is about to end. Therefore, we are able to sum up the previous year in the automotive industry worldwide (2018).

Although European and American markets are developing constantly, Asia seems to be a new automotive hub worldwide. This is the reason why Aircom has located its offices and production plants not only in Europe but also in China. The Chinese market has been growing rapidly for years and its main cities have become global leaders in terms of automotive manufacturing.

Our juxtaposition based on annual German ‘Automobil Produktion’ report includes Polish, Spanish, Italian, French, British, Russian (21 European + 1 Asian location), Indian, German, American and Chinese production plants.

In 2017, there were several brand new plants established, i.a. in Poland (Września, VW), Italy (Bairo Canavese, Bollore), Germany (Aachen, Deutsche Post), Russia (Mikhhaylovsk, BAIC), USA (Ridgeville, Geely) and China (Ruili, BAIC; Yanzhou, Hengtian; Linyi, Zotye; Weifang, BAIC; Jiaxing, Hozon EV; Suzhou, King Long; Putian, Fujian Motor Industry; Guiyang, Geely).