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‘Can we mix it?’ Interview with Kinga Salus

‘Can we mix it?’

Aircom handled well with the tough situation resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. Kinga Salus – Ph.D. in chemistry, working as Chemical Products RnD Manager at Aircom, told me about how it happened.

Julia Łukaszewska: COVID-19 has brought many important changes in every field of life. Concerning the work issue, many people have begun working remotely.  But in your case the change was different…

Kinga Salus: You’re right. I had to face the challenge of creating a completely new brand. My main task in the company is the development and implementation of chemical products. So far, it has been the tire sealant which is a part of our Mobility Kit. Our new brand – 4ELEMENTS offers a hand and surface disinfectants. From a chemical point of view, the sealant and sanitizers are products demanding a completely different technological approach.

J.Ł.: Where did the idea to produce disinfectants come from?

K.S.: The mission of our company has been delivering aid to people on the road. Thanks to our Tire Mobility Kit drivers can fix their punched tire quickly, easily, and continue the further journey. The pandemic has made us want to help people in another field. The most important one – the field of health, of protecting against the spread of COVID-19.

The next reason why we decided to do that was the care of our employees. It has been a tough time for an automotive industry so producing disinfectants allowed us to keep many workplaces.

J.Ł. Since the pandemic began, disinfectants have become the urgent need. How fast have you managed to implement your products?

K.S.: 3 weeks – since the idea to the finished product. How much time passed from the first short e-mail ‘Can we mix it?’ to the starting point of series production.

Almost everyone in the company was involved in the new project. I have to emphasize that – the establish of 4ELEMENTS is the effect of cooperation and efforts of many Aircom departments.

J.Ł.: What was the biggest challenge in such a dynamic process?

K.S.:  Yes, the work was really intense, but we have been working in the automotive industry, so that wasn’t unusual for us. In this project, every person had to face new tasks. In fact, we all had to start work in the new filed. There were new technologies, materials, legislation, and logistic matters but also the matter of safety of our employees. What was especially evident, that was the huge engagement, flexibility, creativity, and mutual trust among our team. 

J.Ł.: What are the distinctive features of 4ELEMENTS sanitizers in comparison with other products available on the market? 

K.S.: 4ELEMENTS line contains products designed for a different purpose so customers can choose the sanitizer suitable to their needs.  During the development of those products, I’ve been following guidelines of WHO and European Chemicals Agency and professional literature.

Our disinfectants are registered as biocidal products. I’ve cared about the highest quality not only at that demanding time but as a long term business goal. I’ve put a high emphasis on customer experience especially the convenience of use and product pleasant scent. That why products based on ethanol are enriched with natural essential oils. These oils provide additional antiseptic properties and a nice scent of lemongrass.

J.Ł.: You put a big effort to make 4ELEMENTS products the most effective and user- and environment-friendly. What gives you the greatest satisfaction in the whole process?

K.S.: My greatest satisfaction is seeing how the product I developed is implemented to the production and is delivered to customers. It has always been my dream to provide my work’s results to people. In that situation, we can talk about satisfaction on a completely new level because 4ELEMENTS products primarily serve the safety, hygiene, and health protection.

I must say, that I am also very pleased when I’m hearing positive feedback from clients. Especially, when they compare our disinfectants with others. I have heard not once, that our hand sanitizer is moisturing skin and leave on a nice scent. Highly motivating is also the fact, that parents disinfect their children’s hands with our product. That’s proof of the trust in our brand!

J.Ł.: Thank you for your time!