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e-mail: info@aircom.ag

phone: (+48) 71 721 33 00

Purchasing Department

e-mail: zakupy@aircom.ag

Logistic Department / Warehouse

Logistics e-mail: logistyka@aircom.ag   

Warehouse e-mail: logistyka@aircom.ag   

Warehouse 6:00-14:00 phone: 605501179

Warehouse 14:00-22:00 phone: 605501179

HR Department

e-mail: personal@aircom.ag

Accounting Department

e-mail: invoices@aircom.ag

e-mail: rechnungen@aircom.ag

Marketing/ E-commerce/ B2B

Marketing e-mail: marketing@aircom.ag

E-commerce/ B2B e-mail: office@aircom.ag

Aircom Nanjing - China

e-mail: o.gm@aircom.ag

phone: (+86) 025 6604 7279

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