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Dragon boat festival

Dragon Boat Festival 2019 in China

Dragon boat festival is 5th. day of 5th. lunar month, it has a history of more than 2,000 years. It’s usually in June of Gregorian calendar.

Eating Zongzi, the festival food, is made from glutinous rice with various fillings and wrapped in reed leaves, is one of the most important Dragon Boat Festival traditions. Back in 278 BC, the Warring State Period, when wars raged the land and China was divided into 7 kindoms, the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan, chose not to surrender to another kingdom by drowning himself in a river. To protect his body from becoming fish’s dinner, people fed the water creatures with Zongzi.

According to the legend, after the poet Qu Yuan drowned himself in the river on the fifth day of the fifth lunar month, local people paddled the boat to disperse fishes so that Qu Yuan’s body would not be eaten. Since that, the practice was kept as a Dragon Boat Festival tradition. Every year dragon boat racing will be held during the festival around China where a river, a lake or the sea lies. In a regular racing boat, there is a commander, who sits on the bow to play a drum in order to encourage his teammates and guide them to row at the same pace; the 20 paddlers try their best to row the dragon boat after the starter give his word; at the end of the boat, there is a steersman controlling the moving direction.

Dragon Boat Festival | 04.06 – 09.06 | CHINA

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