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Automotive industry is one of the most exciting industries.
New technical solutions provide emotions, evoke awe, arouse desire and provide comfort.

As a supplier of parts and components we are partners of automobile manufacturers at the European market. We are highly valued by our customers for our innovations, cost optimisation, high quality and reliability. Our success is based on individually focused co-operation grounded on the principles of partnership.

aircom – means simply, promptly and accurately.

Innovative yet simple – such are our products and processes - starting with our staff, through designing, planning, production, and our control system and logistics at the end.

Guided by the "Keep it simple" principle we have been constantly and consistently raising efficiency and productivity of our company.

Our simple and flexible assembly and production lines are the guarantee of quality and innovation.

Speed as our second priority is reflected in shortening the time of production flow, prompter improvements in quality and expansive growth.

These logistical considerations (which leads to the promptness of fulfilling orders and the security of supply) mostly impacted our decision on the location of our company at the centre of Europe.

Our simple solutions contribute to the increased profitability and at the same time the release of resources for further innovations.

Accuracy means that this is the customer who comes back to us, not the product.

Thanks to our active prevention, defects are not repaired but eliminated at the beginning. At the same time we continuously support our staff through increasing their qualifications.

When using our "Training on the job" optimal strategy, we systematically improve the quality and efficiency of work organisation through the system of operational means and methods developed by us.

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