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ENGINAIRS: Interview with Srinivasa Rao Bhandari

ENGINAIRS: Interview with Srinivasa Rao Bhandari

Srinivasa Rao Bhandari (25 y.o.) came to Europe from Vijayawada (India) for an internship. He studies Automation and Robotics at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice and cooperates with the Aircom Group.

Tell us about yourself. What do you do for a living? What studies did you graduate? 

I am at Silesian University of Technology in Gliwice. I am studying master’s degree. This is my last semester, so I will finish in September. I am doing my thesis on the project of automation on production line: manufacturing of a body (träger). Currently, our line in Aircom is manual. I’d like to show the automatization of the line.

You studied in India and then you moved to Europe.

Yes, I moved to Poland last year. European degree is very well-seen worldwide. I checked it online and decided to apply there. And the faculty of Automation and Robotics is really good in Gliwice. 

So what position would you like to take upon after graduation?

I’d like to work as an automation engineer. I really like PLC programs. But I know that university knowledge is not enough. That’s why I thought of joining in internship. Fortunately, I got a chance as an intern in Aircom group. I’m happy that  I joined the Aircom Group. I can connect here easily my skills which I learned as a student. And I try to learn some practical industrial knowledge here. Such internship is crucial for me to become an automation engineer.


Has anything surprised you in Poland?

Everyone is punctual. People here, just like in India, are good to each other. I can observe that while travelling by bus in Zabrze where I live. Younger offer their seats to older.  I think, people are even more friendly in Poland than in India.

And how about automotive industry in your country and Europe?

Well, I can tell mostly about automation of the production lines. In India, most of the robots are imported from Europe: Germany, UK. We don’t make them by ourselves. We just learn and implement them. Indian big cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, New Delhi. are really industrially developed.

What are you planning (professionally) in your future?

First, I want to finish my project, my thesis. Then I would like to join some company. If possible, I will join Aircom company. If I don’t get, I will try to find any company in this area. I want to stay in Poland for now.

Please, tell me for the end what do you do in your free time.

I love to play games. I play both computer and mobile games. I mainly prefer strategic ones like Chess and Clash of Clans. But I also like cricket and Counter-Strike. 

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