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Fast tire fix : Aircom Tire Repair Kit

Quick Car Tire Fix - Tire Repair Kit

A flat tire is the bane of every driver – not only professional. Its repair using standard tools takes a lot of time and requires a lot of effort, which is why many people decide to incur additional costs to order a wheel replacement in mobile tire service. Meanwhile, the problem can be solved by a very simple and, equally importantly, quick method. Repairing a wheel with the Aircom repair kit allows you to save not only time but also money because using the Aircom kit we can repair the damaged tire ourselves. 

What is the Aircom Tire Repair Kit for?

The product we propose has been designed to repair the tire as quickly as possible. The set goal was achieved thanks to the technology used. In practice, repairing a tire with a repair kit should not take more than a quarter of an hour. In many cases, even 10 minutes is enough. It depends on the degree of damage to the tire. So you can prepare a coffee and drink it, and test the repaired tires when you return.

Thanks to this set, you can safely drive to the car repair shop of your choice. It should be noted, however, that this is not a solution that will avoid visiting a mechanic. The main benefit of repairing a wheel with the Aircom TMK is not only time saving, but also the cost of the mechanic’s arrival at the scene or towing the vehicle away. Fortunately, the product allows you to cover a distance of up to 1000 kilometers at a speed of up to 80 km / h.

How does our brand's repair kit work?

The Aircom kit is extremely easy to use. No advanced repair knowledge is needed. All you need to do is read the short instruction that comes with the set. It tells you what steps should be taken to secure the wheel for further driving.

In short, they can be described like this:
• connect the bottle with the refrigerant to the compressor,
• then connect it with a hose to the valve in the tire,
• connect the compressor’s mains cable to the car socket,
• we start the compressor.

This is all that is required to use the product. The repair of the wheel with the repair kit continues automatically. A sealant from a bottle is pressed into the tire. It fills the interior until the correct pressure is reached.
After the end of the operation of the device, it is only necessary to quickly start the car and drive about 10 km. Why is it so important? Because the factor is deposited at the point where the continuity of the tire is broken while driving, forming several layers at the point of damage. They are responsible for sealing the tire.

What is not our repair kit?

The abbreviated instructions for use described above may bring to mind other, more traditional solutions. Especially about foam and spray sealant. However, this is a wrong impression, as you can see after taking a closer look at the Aircom repair kit. It is based on a completely different, more efficient technology. Neither spray nor foam can achieve such a high degree of sealing. As a result, they require slower and more careful driving, which does not guarantee equally good results.
It is also worth emphasizing that alternative methods to repairing the wheel with a repair kit are not ecological. The composition of the preparations is usually highly synthetic, and their effects have an impact on the environment. Meanwhile, our product is made of ingredients that are safe for humans, animals, and nature. Moreover, our products are made of recycled materials.


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What is the feature of the Aircom repair kit?

Its most important advantage is, of course, the ease of use. The car does not even need to be lifted. Just plug the kit into the tire and wait for a while. 10 minutes is enough for a quick tire repair.

Besides, the Aircom set does not take up much space in the car. It can easily fit even in a heavily packed trunk. And thanks to its low weight, it does not contribute to the serious fuel consumption of alternative solutions.
These are the main reasons why more and more drivers decide to repair their wheel with a repair kit.