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Flat Tire – what to do?

Flat tire – what to do?

A flat tire is one of the most common breakdowns that happen to drivers on the road. Driving with a flat tire is dangerous, so you should deal with this problem as soon as possible. The very need to pull over and turn on the hazard warning lights is already quite stressful. After this, the driver has several options. The first is to try to cope with a flat tire yourself, i.e. simply replace the wheel on your own. The second option is to call a specialist who conducts mobile vulcanization. The third option is to order roadside assistance in the form of a tow truck. However, all these solutions have their good and bad sides. And so replacing the wheel by yourself means you have to have some skills that young drivers often lack. In turn, waiting for a vulcanization specialist or a tow truck sometimes takes longer than we would like. We will look at other advantages and disadvantages of the above-mentioned solutions.

Replacement of the wheel on your own

It is definitely worth having the ability to perform even the most basic repairs in your car. One of them is just changing the wheel. In a situation when we notice that the tire in our vehicle is punctured, and unfortunately we will have a discharged phone, we will be doomed only to ourselves. In this situation, we will need:

  • a spare wheel or a spare wheel (so-called “roadhouse”),
  • wheel wrench,
  • jack,
  • warning triangle,
  • reflective vest.

Lack of any of the above-mentioned elements makes changing the wheel on your own impossible. In this case, call for roadside assistance.

Roadside assistance call – mobile vulcanization or tow truck

If for various reasons we are not able to cope with the replacement of a flat tire, call for roadside assistance. It can be a specialist dealing with mobile vulcanization or a tow truck. Calling a specialist will most often result in the fact that after a few dozen minutes we will be able to continue the journey and feel completely safe. The tire will be replaced or repaired as needed. Calling tow truck is associated with the fact that we will have to wait much longer to solve the problem. In addition, it usually costs less than calling a specialist. In addition, when the vulcanizer will not be able to deal with the fault, ordering a tow truck will become a necessity.


Wheel repair

However, it should be remembered that a damaged tire is not always synonymous with the need to replace it. Sometimes a repair is enough. But how can you tell when a tire needs to be replaced and when it is enough to repair it? It is not complicated. Tire damage is divided into two groups. The first of these is damage to the side of the tire, which is usually not repaired (therefore it is necessary to replace it). The second group consists of tread face damage, which are usually repairable (replacement is therefore not necessary). Tire side damage is usually the result of a strong impact of the tire on a sharp edge, such as a high curb or hole. In turn, tread face damage is mainly point burns, uneven tread wear, or unnatural tread wear. However, it cannot be unequivocally stated that the first group are situations that require the replacement of a tire, and the second group are cases when only repair is sufficient or when the tire can continue to be used.


When is a wheel change necessary?

A wheel change is usually necessary if:

  • bulges appeared on the sidewall of the tire (such a tire maintains pressure, however, its faultless function is only apparent, because with a higher load it may explode);
  • on the sidewall of the tire, there are visible resembles cuts (deep cuts do not allow for further exploitation of the tire, and shallow cuts can be repaired by gluing elements constituting the defects);
  • tread wear is uneven (this is usually caused by inadequate pressure, wheel bent or incorrect suspension geometry; if the differences in tread depth are small, they can be repaired by a vulcanizer that will compensate for them by rotating the tires);
  • aging changes occur on the tire (tire life is 10 years from the date of manufacture, so if the tire is in the double-digit age, it should be replaced, even if it has a lot of treads);
  • it is not possible to balance the tire (it is not possible to balance the tire with its damage, even if the damage is invisible to the naked eye, the tire is not suitable for further use).


When is a wheel change not necessary?

Replacement of the wheel is usually not necessary, and it is enough to repair it if:

  • on the sidewall of the tire visible traces resembling abrasions (these traces are not a threat to the driver’s safety, they are only a visual defect);
  • a recess has appeared on the sidewall of the tire (in contrast to the abovementioned bulges, the recesses are not dangerous, some tires have recesses and this is their natural feature);
  • the tire has spot burns (such burns can be easily repaired by a vulcanizer or a driver with a repair kit, provided that the burns have a diameter of no more than 5 millimeters);
  • serration of the tread takes place (in this case the pads from the leading side wear out faster, serration of the tread does not require the replacement of the tire, but it can be a nuisance because it produces a lot of noise).

Wheel replacement and repair – summary


There are three basic principles about when to replace and when to repair a wheel. The first is that you should not repair tires that have high-speed indexes (a high index is one that exceeds 240 kilometers per hour). The second rule applies to so-called “bubbles” on the sidewall of the wheel – when they appear, the tire can no longer be used. The third and last rule is that only minor wheel damage, i.e. punctures, can be repaired. And here repair kits for inflating wheels come to the rescue. They do not require calling for help such as mobile vulcanization or a tow truck. In addition, they have a number of other advantages.

Repair kits for inflating wheels

As you can see, there are many ways to deal with a flat tire. Another is to use a tire repair kit to inflate or repair damaged wheels. Tire Repair kits, like all other devices in the automotive industry, are characterized by a huge variety. So what kit should you choose to fix your tire quickly and efficiently? Below are the solutions we recommend.


Innovative solution – a Tire Repair Kit (Seal2K) by Aircom

By far the simplest and least time-consuming solution when you need to repair a tire is to use the  Tire Repair Kit by Aircom to inflate or repair damaged wheels. This set consists of a tire compressor and sealant. Using these tools requires only four steps:

  • First, connect the bottle to the compressor.
  • Then tighten the hose to the connector in the bottle.
  • The next step is to tighten the hose to the valve on the tire.
  • The last step is to connect the compressor network cable to the car socket and including the computer. After completing these activities, you can safely continue your journey up to 200 kilometers, reaching a speed of up to 80 kilometers per hour.
Tire Mobiilty Kit

Tire Repair Kit by Aircom for inflating wheels – why use it?


The Aircom wheel inflation repair kit is an innovative solution that saves time, does not require much work, and most importantly – ensures a safe journey. However, these are not the only features of the set that prove that it is worth using it. In addition, the tire compressor and sealant:

  • They make no coverage a problem.
  • Ensure that the driver can be fully independent – he does not have to wait for the vulcanizer or tow truck.
  • They take up little space, so your luggage can be filled with suitcases.
  • They weigh little and therefore reduce fuel consumption.
  • They do not require the use of force – any driver can use them.
  • They contain ingredients that are safe not only for the driver but also for the environment – they are ecological.
  • They are extremely efficient – they exceed the solutions offered by competitors by about 20 percent.
  • They are reusable devices – they last for a long time, which results in savings.


Tire Repair Kit by Aircom for inflating  wheels – an innovative solution

It is worth adding that soon – out of concern for the comfort and time of our clients – we will provide you with a mobile application that allows any driver with an Aircom’s Tire Mobility Kit (TMK) to be able to go through the process of repairing the wheel step by step. The simplicity and innovation of the solutions we offer make our products become more and more popular -they are used by the most famous car brands in the world. 

Flat tire – many possibilities for solutions

Failure in the form of a flat tire does not force the driver to take only one solution. There are at least several such solutions. It is important to decide whether the wheel needs repair or if it needs to be replaced. Replacing the wheel involves having certain skills or calling for roadside assistance – a specialist or a tow truck. Roadside assistance often means costs and long waiting times. Repair, whenever possible, turns out to be a much simpler and faster solution. And so the use of repair kits for pumping wheels is becoming more common. It is worth paying attention to the quality of this type of repair kits – the investment in a high-quality kit will allow the driver to ride smoothly, and in the event of a breakdown – to deal with it as with any daily activity

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