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How tire air compressor works?

How tire air compressor works?

One of the most important elements of any car are tires – they are the connection between the vehicle and the ground, help keep it on the road and enable safe driving. Of course, as long as we properly care for them. If you do not use all-season tires, remember that a good solution is to change from summer to winter tires and vice versa, as the seasons change. A car compressor is an extremely useful device that you should always have with you. Why? This is explained below.

Why should I check my tire pressure?

Tire pressure significantly affects the driving comfort, and most of all, the grip of the car on the road. Over-inflated or under-inflated wheels can make cornering or drive on wet or slippery surfaces dangerous. In addition, tires that are not inflated according to the manufacturer’s recommendations may wear out much faster, which will generate higher costs for the driver.

Checking the tire pressure with a small 12V compressor will help us keep them in good condition for a long time and increase the feeling of safety on the road in all conditions.

Unforeseen traffic situations

There are many situations when a small mobile tire air compressor a wheel compressor can come in handy while driving. Imagine you are going on a longer trip with your family and our temporary spare tire has a downside (this happens surprisingly often). If we have a flat tire on the route, we can naturally stop and quickly replace the wheel with a temporary spare wheel (provided that we have it in the car and it is not damaged). However, if we do not have a working spare wheel, then it is good to have a compressor with us, thanks to which we can inflate the damaged tire.

A tire on the road can get damaged in many different ways. Using the so-called handy tire repair kit allows for effective patching. After the punctured wheel is patched up, there is still a question of inflating the tire, i.e. restoring its proper pressure. The compressor in the car will save us from such problems.

How does a tire inflation compressor actually work?

The main function of a tire air compressor is to inflate a tire when the pressure is too low. It can also help, if used with a sealant, to repair a damaged tire. Importantly, the car tire compressor just needs to be connected to a regular cigarette lighter socket in the car for it to work effectively. An alternative method is to use the terminals connected to the battery.

Inflating the tire on the road only takes a few minutes. After this time, we can safely continue our journey without any obstacles. Using the compressor is extremely simple and requires no specialist knowledge. Moreover, the compressor is a light device and extremely convenient to transport. Many drivers complain about the so-called Spare wheels – they drastically reduce driving comfort and should not be used on longer routes.

Tire air compressor in the car will not take up much space, and it will certainly come in handy when you least expect it. It is also important that the compressor manufactured by Aircom operates in extreme temperatures and unfavorable weather. This can make a big difference if we catch a flat tire in a snowstorm or heavy rain.

The aforementioned intuitive operation also plays an important role; a standard car pump requires strength from the driver – the compressor is only connected and started, and the whole process is automatic. It will certainly be appreciated by people in worse shape, tired of the route, and the elderly.

What compressor choose for a car?

The parameter that is worth paying attention to when choosing a compressor is its capacity, which is expressed in liters per minute. It is worth adjusting the compressor to the wheels well to quickly inflate them during a breakdown on the route. If we “deal with a road” daily and it is our job, it is best to get a device of a reputable brand with high performance, so we will be sure that it will not disappoint us. Owners of larger cars, such as SUVs, are also looking for a high-performance compressor.

Regardless of what car we have – whether it will be a larger car, such as an SUV, a premium vehicle, or a classic compact vehicle, it is always worth looking for a car tire compressor that will be able to meet, a premium class expectation. It is also worth looking for a compressor that will be able to meet expectations in all conditions.

You should also check whether the purchased product has all the required certificates and is approved for use in the EU.

Modern compressors, such as Aircom devices, are mainly made of materials that are easily recycled. This is an additional advantage in favor of using this range of products.

SealAir2K tire mobility kit set by Aircom

Tire Air Compressor capacity.

The bandwidth tells us if the wheel will inflate at all. The higher the efficiency, the better – then you inflate the damaged wheel faster.

It is also important what current the compressor uses, so as not to damage the fuses or the cigarette lighter socket. Therefore, it is worth looking at the current and voltage when choosing a compressor. Those for larger cars can cause the mentioned damage in smaller ones, where the installation is not adapted to it.

Certificates of a tire inflation compressor

Important factors in the manufacture of a compressor include:

  1. Loudness

There is information on the compressor housing how loud the device is. The manufacturer informs there that his work will not exceed the given value.

  1. IATF 16949: 2016 certificate

Select a product from a company that has this certificate. It is required by all leading car manufacturers. The company that has it produces devices that meet high-quality standards. It also shows that the company applies high standards of defect prevention and reduces waste. It guarantees that the manufactured product is repeatable – not home-made, where one product may differ significantly from the other.

  1. Electromagnetic Compatibility

If you want the compressor to work compatible with other electrical devices, and at the same time not to damage the electronics in the car, it is worth choosing a device certified in this area. There is an EMC directive that deals with the limitation of electromagnetic emissions from equipment. It follows that the devices should be used as intended so that they will not cause any interference – for example, radio.

Environmental impact

If you are wondering if you have a negative impact on the environment by purchasing a compressor, we must reassure you – if the company meets the ISO 14001: 2015 standard, it means that it is a company that reuses raw materials and thus minimizes the carbon footprint and interference with nature. An example of such an environmentally friendly compressor manufacturer is Aircom.


To sum up – the use of the compressor is extremely simple, and its operation can be described in several points:

  • tearing off the sticker,
  • connecting the compressor cable to the wheel,
  • connecting the device to the power supply (cigarette lighter socket via a plug or battery via clamps),
  • turning on the compressor with a button,
  • waiting until the tire pressure reaches the recommended level.

The same steps are performed when using different compressor models.