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Is it worth to have a car tire compressor in a car?

Is it worth to have a car tire compressor for inflating the wheels in the car?

Car compressors, despite their relatively simple design, are devices of invaluable importance to virtually every driver. Thanks to them, you can not only periodically control the air level in the tires, but also adjust it to the appropriate level in just a few minutes. However, this type of equipment is available for free in most petrol stations. So does this mean that there is no point in getting your own compressor? Absolutely not. We explain why below.

When may your own car tire compressor be necessary?

Let’s start with one day a banal fact that many drivers seem to forget on a daily basis – not one hundred percent steering wheels on the market, regardless of whether they are intended for bicycles, motorcycles, or cars.

The air in auto-fuel tires is average on a scale of 0.1 to 0.2 bar on average. The colder it is outside, the worse this factor is, so in autumn and winter, it belongs to an even faster rate of air loss. Assuming the driver has access to a compressor station and is mindful of confirming the tire inflation level, this is not a serious problem.

But what if we forget about this matter for longer than usual and in the moment of urgent need, the equipment for the stations proves to be temporarily out of order? What also happens when, for example, due to an unfortunate hitting a curb, the next morning we find a car with a heavily flaccid tire that is not suitable for driving? It is through the prism, for example, as a person considering the answer to the question of whether it is worth having a tire compressor.

It is not useful on a daily basis in the forest, and not in emergency life, its presence or absence may directly affect the course of the examination of the entire diagnostic day.

Why is it important to check tire pressure regularly?

First of all, because it directly translates into safety. If the pressure is too low, the degree of adhesion of the vehicle to the ground is reduced, and its braking distance is lengthened, which in turn significantly increases the risk of a collision or even a serious accident.

Also, there are strictly economic reasons related to the regular use of a compressor to inflate the wheels – as the amount of air in the tires decreases, the amount of fuel consumed while driving increases, and thus the costs that we incur in the operation of the car.

The main advantages of having your car tire compressor on your car

Since you already know in what situations your car compressor can turn out to be a device of invaluable importance, let’s focus on summarizing its advantages.

The key one is certainly independence, or more precisely, the ability to constantly control the air pressure in the tires on a daily basis. Having your device at your disposal, you can verify the degree of tire inflation at any time and, if necessary, adjust it optimally. For this purpose, we do not have to travel to the station, encountering a traffic jam or queue for arranging on the way, which could effectively discourage us from taking such actions on a regular basis. Instead, we use our own equipment where, when, and how we want.

In addition, the compressor for inflating wheels in the car can be used not only for this task but also to increase the pressure in motorcycle and bicycle tires, as well as to inflate almost any other items that require it – from various types of beach toys, through mattresses and balls, to several-person, multi-chamber pontoons for sailing on rivers or lakes.

Car tire compressor instead of a spare wheel?

Nowadays, the trend is becoming more and more visible, according to which drivers do not have a spare wheel on their car. It is hardly surprising – it takes up a lot of space, is worn to a different extent than the other wheels, and moreover, it is rarely adapted to safe winter driving. In short, this solution is rather a relic today. But what in his place? The so-called After all, rubber can happen in a wide variety of situations, including when the nearest gas station or vulcanization service is located tens of kilometers from the scene.

In such a situation, an alternative to the spare wheel may be the car tire compressor offered by Aircom in a set with a sealant. This product is great not only when the driver only wants to adjust the tire pressure, but also when the wheel has been punctured and it is also necessary to repair it before inflation. While maintaining the described functionality, it simultaneously absorbs much less space than a spare tire with a rim, and moreover, it deteriorates driving parameters to a lesser extent.

When looking for a comprehensive and convenient solution, it is definitely worth considering the mentioned product. In addition to the features mentioned earlier, it has numerous additional advantages, described in more detail below.

Aircom wheel air compressors – other advantages

As we mentioned earlier, the devices proposed by our company perform two key tasks for a driver with a damaged tire. Thanks to the sealant bottle included in the set, they allow for its repair and also allow it to be pumped to the optimal level using the compressor itself. However, it is also important that the entire procedure is carried out quickly, efficiently, and in a comfortable and completely safe way for the user, which is due to the following features of Aircom compressors:

  • High efficiency and long-term reliability of operation,
  • Possibility of power supply via a cigarette lighter socket,
  • Light and small size,
  • The clean, hygienic structure that does not stain hands or clothes,
  • Extremely simple operation – the pumping of wheels with a compressor is started by pressing a single button,
  • Compliance with all essential requirements developed by German standardization institutions, confirmed by appropriate certificates.

The entire procedure for repairing a punctured tire and inflating it using our device is completed in just a few minutes. In addition, it is also suitable for those drivers who are wondering which off-road compressor to choose. Aircom compressors allow you to adjust the tire pressure to the optimal level not only for passenger cars but also for their off-road counterparts and SUVs. Therefore, regardless of the specificity of the vehicle, the space available in it, as well as the manual skills of the driver himself, this solution will allow you to quickly and effectively deal with the problem of a damaged wheel.