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Nanjing (also: Nanking, Nankin) – the capital of Jiangsu province of China. Located upon the Yangtze River Delta region. Inhabited by almost 6 million people (urban agglomeration is inhabited by almost 12 million),the city boasts a large number of high-quality universities, i.a. Nanjing University (est. 1902), Chinese Academy of Sciences (subsidiary) and astronomical observatory Zijinshan (est. 1934). Nanjing’s economy is developing rapidly. Pillar industries of Nanjing are telecommunication, electronic equipment, White Goods and automotives. Throughout the past 20 years, GDP per capita has grown 12 times. There are 9 special economic zones running in the city. Most of Nanjing’s monuments of architecture come from the Ming Dynasty.

Worth visiting:

  • Walls of Nanjing – the longest municipal fortification in the world (33.4 km length, 12 m height, 7 m width)
  • Ming Xiaoling Mausoleum with a surface area of ca. 3 hectares, a burial place of Hongwu, the 1st emperor of Ming Dynasty, and his wife, Ma
  • Sun Jat-sen Mausoleum with a surface area of ca. 80,000 square meters
  • Temple of Confucius established in 1034
  • Buddhist temple Qixia with a convent complex located on Qixia hill
  • Buddhist temple Jiming on Jilong hill
  • Porcelain Pagoda (Porcelain Tower) built in 15th century (when considered to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World), destroyed in 18th century, rebuilt in 2015
  • Greenland Square Zifeng Tower – second highest skyscraper in China (450 m) opened in 2010

Nanjing is a location of:

    • Nanjing Aircom Automotive Technology (Aircom AS)

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