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Querétaro (Santiago de Querétaro) – the biggest city and a capital of Querétaro state, Mexico (approx. 850,000 people). The historic citycenter was enshrined in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1996. Querétaro is one of the quickest developing cities in Mexico. Querétaro’s main industries are: machines, paper and chemical production.

Worth visiting:

  • Cathedral from 16th century
  • Santa Rosa de Viterbo church

Why Querétaro, Mexico?

In Aircom, we want to optimize functions, quality, and costs of projects and production of our product range. Therefore, our goal is to own our factory in every region of the world. Currently, we are developing our offices in Europe (Poland, Germany) and Asia (China). Another region we want to work in is North America.

Querétaro will be soon a location of:


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