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The advantage of tire repair kits over other solutions (part 3)

The advantage of tire repair kits over other solutions (part 3)

Our tire repair kits were created in response to the trend observed in the automotive industry of maximizing the weight reduction of vehicles in order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment. In line with this trend, car manufacturers have been trying to eliminate unnecessary components from standard car equipment, one those being the spare tire.

As other alternatives to the spare tire, you can also replace:

  • run-on tires, i.e. spare tires on which a tire with a much narrower tread has been fitted, enabling use at a limited speed to the nearest service garage. Traveling too long on a temporary tire, however, may damage the traction mechanisms in the car. Additionally, the weight reduction of the vehicle is not significant in this case. A set of tools to change the tire is still needed, as well as physical strength and knowledge of how to perform the task; therefore, run-on tires have most of the disadvantages of a full-size spare tire,
  • run-flat tires, i.e. tires with a structure that enables further driving (at reduced speed in the event of damage) to change the tire in a service garage. However, run-flat tire production costs are high. Such tires require the use of special rims and pressure sensors in the car, which is why they are used mainly in more expensive luxury and sports cars,
  • self-sealing tires, i.e. tires covered from the inside with a special rubber layer, which in case of damage to the tire adheres to its surface, as well as to the surface of a foreign body, e.g. nail, sealing the defect (max. diameter up to 5 mm). However, the self-sealing properties only apply to punctures on the tire tread. Meanwhile, almost 50% of tire punctures occur on the side surfaces, where such functionality does not work. Self-sealing tires are repairable, but after repair they lose their self-sealing properties at the place of repair. These tires are new on the market, which is why they are much more expensive than standard tires or repair kits.

Therefore, considering the price-performance ratio and the effectiveness of tire repair, the optimal solution for the end-user is a repair kit consisting of a compressor and a sealant.

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