You are currently viewing Tire mobility kit – a perfect solution for LPG cars​

Tire mobility kit – a perfect solution for LPG cars​

Tire mobility kit - a perfect solution for LPG cars

For popular LPG containers, you have to find a space in your car, because it can’t replace the original gas tank. The most frequently chosen space is where the spare wheel is usually located. Therefore, owners of gas-powered cars face a serious dilemma: whether to put the wheel in a different place or to give it up altogether.   

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It turns out that there are more and more supporters of the second solution every year. They believe that every cubic centimeter of space in a vehicle is important and they don’t want to clutter it with unnecessary items. Such drivers decide on a professional tire repair kit.

A well-thought-out arrangement of the space in the car affects not only everyday comfort, but also increases driving safety and, to some extent, saves on unnecessary costs.

More space - a functional solution

First of all, replacing a damaged wheel with a spare wheel takes a lot of time. Also, the driver has to carry various types of heavy tools with him to carry out such an exchange. Not everyone is good at removing a tire and fitting a new one. That is why solutions such as Aircom sealant are available on the market.

The choice of a sealant is primarily a cheaper solution, and at the same time, equally or even more effective. Such a “repair kit” can be easily placed in the glove compartment or anywhere else where it will not get in the way. The whole set consists of a bottle and a small compressor. In addition, the used bottle can be replaced with a new one, and the compressor itself can still be used to restore the correct pressure in the tire.

It is also worth noting that resigning from carrying a spare wheel reduces the weight of the entire vehicle, which directly affects on better performance and lower fuel consumption – regardless of whether it is LPG or petrol.

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Safety and guarantee for a long time​

The choice of sealant also means safe driving on the repaired wheel. With the Aircom repair kit, you can easily cover up to 1000 km. This is more than the vehicle can cover even on a full gas tank.

Importantly, when a tire is repaired with a repair kit such as Aircom, its driving characteristics are restored. There is no question of replacing it with a spare wheel with a different tread, with completely different properties. Such a problem may arise especially when the tire gets damaged in difficult weather conditions or extreme temperatures. The sealant will allow you to run on the same tire: winter or summer. Thanks to this, the driver gains psychological comfort that he can safely reach home or the nearest workshop.

The process of repairing a wheel is also completely different than using a spare wheel and tools. First of all, the driver does not get his hands or clothes dirty, and he does not risk scratches and bruises.

Alternatives to the tire sealing kit​​

Of course, some people will never abandon the more traditional methods of vulcanizing and repairing a damaged tire. Carrying a spare wheel in the trunk is still a popular option with many drivers.

The next one turns out to be a special vulcanizing cord, which works best in the tire tread punctures event caused f.ex. by a nail. The best thing in this solution is that the entire repair is carried out without taking off the tire, but requires some skill to manually patch the damage. The cords are usually used with dedicated vulcanizing fluids, which additionally affect the durability of the repair.

Spray tire foam is another option. The operation is quite simple, it is enough to introduce the contents of the bottle through the valve into the tire. This solution is quite comfortable and allows you to quickly restore the tire to the condition where you can reach the nearest vulcanizer. However, it must be remembered that the foam causes limitations – for the first few kilometers after its application, the speed must not exceed 35 km / h.