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Tire Mobility Kits

Aircom Tire Mobility Kit contains an air compressor and a sealant bottle. Our kit helps to seal punctured tires. It effectively replaces a regular spare wheel. Thanks to our kits, a further journey could be continued 200 kilometers more (approx. 125 miles) with maximum speed of 80 km/h (50 mph). We are marked by full independence. We produce both air compressors and sealant bottles with a lifetime up to 5 years.

  • comfortable handling
    Our repair kits let users easily join air compressor with sealant bottle thanks to Bayonet mount

  • avoidance of contamination, even if used incorrectly
    Our sealant bottle has a special super protection that does not let the sealant leak

  • simple maintenance of the tire mobility kit after use (bottle replacement only)
    No need to visit a car service to replace a sealant bottle – we enable an easy sealant bottle replacement; the bottle is available as a spare part

  • low weight
    Our new generation tire repair kits weigh on average 1.5-2 times less than our competitors’ kits

  • high performance compressor
    Our air compressors are on average 20% more efficent than our competitors’ air compressors

  • environmentally friendly sealant
    Our sealants contain a minor percentage of latex and ethylene glycol

Using the Tire Mobility Kit


Step 1.

Insert the sealant bottle into the housing of the compressor

Step 2.

Screw connection hose onto the connector of the sealant bottle

Step 3.

Screw filling hose of the sealant bottle onto the tire valve


Step 4.

Plug the compressor power cord into the vehicle power outlet and start the compressor