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Tire Sealant

Please find our sealants bottles for compact cars, crossovers, SUV’s and high-end cars.

Technical data

Overall dimensions [mm]: 130×85

Bottle weight [g]:665g

Storage temperature (°C): -40°C to +80°C

Working temperature range (°C): -30°C +70°C

Filling quantity: 450ml

Operating life: 5 years

Our sealants feature

Integrated comfort system

Handheld bottle

Low natural latex-based sealant

Environmentally friendly sealant

Fully and easily biodegradable microfibre sealant

Longspan sealant performance

Reduced amount of sealant keeping high sealing performance

Wide range of temperature and weather conditions

SealAir2K vs Common squeeze bottle

Take a look at the comparison test of SealAir2K car tire sealant with common squeeze bottle solution

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