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Tools that help you to repair the tire by yourself

Tools that help you to repair the tire by yourself

Not everyone carries a spare wheel, if only because of the limited space in the trunk. What to do when we do not have this backup option and we have a flat tire on the road? Fortunately, you can protect yourself in such a case. All you need to do is carry tools that will help you repair the tire yourself. It can be a repair kit or a so-called spray spare wheel. We strongly recommend the former. Why?

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How does a spray spare tire work?

This is a solution that can only be used in the event of tread damage and should be considered temporary. Thanks to this product, the driver will be able to reach vulcanization and take advantage of a professional repair. However, if damage has occurred to the side of the tire, the use of a spray spare wheel will be unreasonable.

Repairing a damaged tire with a spray tire is very simple. It is enough to remove the foreign body that damaged the tire from the tread, then insert the hose from the spray can into the valve and apply the entire contents. The preparation creates a special foam that will seal the hole. Gas is also coming out of the can, which will inflate the tire, although it may need to be refilled. After using this form of repair, slowly and steadily go to the workshop.

Why is it not the best idea to use a spray spare wheel?

A spray spare tire can be a temporary fix, but it is not the best form of help in an emergency. The big disadvantage of using this solution is that the inside of the tire must be completely cleaned after applying the preparation. What does it mean? Much higher price for repairing a wheel in a car repair shop. Worse, many vulcanizers do not attempt to repair after applying the foam.

Spare wheel - traditional replacement

Perhaps, then, it is worth carrying a spare wheel and putting on a traditional replacement? Using the “access road” will allow you to easily reach vulcanization and is much safer than a spray spare tire. However, it should be remembered that the entire process of changing a wheel is much more difficult, so it slowly ceases to be used by drivers.

To change a damaged wheel, you need a jack and a wrench. The replacement is not easy and requires strength. It is often very difficult to unscrew seized screws on your own. In the event of lifting the car with a jack, there may be a risk of damaging the body, even of a slightly corroded vehicle. During the exchange, we are likely to get our hands and clothes dirty as well. Moreover, the tire itself takes up a lot of space in the trunk, which is quite troublesome for many drivers.

Damaged tire - a modern solution to the problem

We have another solution at our disposal, which is an intermediate option between replacing the damaged wheel and the spray spare wheel. This is a repair kit with vulcanization strings. It is enough to buy a ready-made package and a compressor (pump), which do not take up much space, carry it in the trunk and quickly repair the wheel in the event of an emergency. However, you should know that using this method requires the use of force and may require some manual skills in using the tools. Therefore, the use of vulcanization cords for some people may seem complicated.

The set includes a spindle with which we take the foreign body out of the tire and enlarge the hole, and then place a special string in it covered with glue, thanks to which it will be possible to seal the hole. There are also packages with the so-called mushrooms that allow the tire to be repaired from the inside. However, this requires the removal of the wheel, so we must have a lever and a wrench. Therefore, the repair is not the easiest one. However, if we use the repair kit with vulcanization strings correctly, we should be able to safely reach the vulcanization.

Repair kit with sealant from Aircom

An alternative solution is also to use the Aircom tire repair kit. The kit consists of a compressor and tire sealant. The advantage of the Aircom kit is simple operation and quick repair time – the tire can be repaired in less than 10 minutes. Using the Aircom repair kit only involves connecting the compressor with the sealant to the damaged tire. Repair with a kit does not require the use of force, does not stain and is effective – it allows you to travel up to 1000 kilometers.

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The temporary spare wheel is slowly ceasing to be used by drivers because it is difficult to change the wheel. An alternative is a spray spare wheel, but an even better variant is a sealant repair kit from Aircom. If we decide to choose an Aircom tire repair kit, we do not need to have anything else in our car, apart from the above-mentioned kit (compressor and sealant), to be able to repair the damaged tire. When carrying a repair kit in the car, we do not need to have a spare wheel, jack, or wheel-changing keys in the car. Repairing a damaged wheel is simple and quick in this way.