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What instead of a spare wheel to have in the car?

What instead of a spare wheel to have in the car?

Spare wheels are now considered obsolete. It is hardly surprising because carrying an additional item with you is simply troublesome. Not every vehicle has enough space to hide such a large element. What then to use in place of the spare wheel? The tire repair kit is currently the most cost-effective. Why? We will tell more about it in our post. We encourage you to read it!

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Problems with spare wheels.

The so-called “reserve” has several drawbacks, including one obvious: it takes up a lot of space and thus reduces the luggage compartment capacity of the vehicle. Larger purchases or a vacation with sports equipment can be made much more difficult just because of one additional wheel. A punctured tire is not such a common problem as to justify keeping a large item in the vehicle. At least there’s no excuse for that now that the perfect alternative is available.

Before we mention the repair kits, there is one more significant disadvantage of spare tires. We are talking about the degree of its wear. The spare wheel is not used on a par with the tires in preparation, which causes problems when changing. The remaining three worn wheels have a different grip, tread depth, etc. Besides, the additional tires are usually summer tires, and at best universal, which, however, brings some problems. Therefore, changing one wheel to a new one can be risky.

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What are tire repair kits?

Instead of carrying a spare wheel, TMK is a much better solution. It comes with many advantages that solve the inconvenience with spare wheels. At the start one of the advantages is that- the set takes up little space, weighs up to a few kilograms, and can easily be lifted up even for short vacation trips or shopping from the market. Moreover, the lightweight of the load translates into fuel consumption. After all, an additional load requires more power.

The tire repair kit is reusable. This is especially important when more than one tire is damaged. Or when a breakdown occurs so quickly that the driver has not yet had the opportunity to purchase a new spare wheel.

Using a spare wheel requires removing the damaged tire and fitting a new one. It is quite troublesome because there are not always good conditions for it. Not everyone may feel up to doing it on their own (especially older drivers). Meanwhile, tire repair kits apply without removing the wheel. This not only saves energy but also the time needed to repair the damage. This way you don’t have to wait for roadside assistance either. It only takes a few moments to get rid of a problem yourself.

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What is included in the Aricom Repair Kit and what are the benefits?

The set designed and created by us is very intuitive to use. It contains only two components: a tire compressor and a sealant. In this way, the liquidation of claims is very quick. In addition, preparing the Aricom Repair Kit for re-use is completely hassle-free. It is enough to replace the sealing bottle with a new one.

According to the tests, our brand set is about 20% more efficient and two times faster (in total sealing process time) than comparable compressors. This means that the wheel inflates noticeably faster, which saves drivers time. The SealAir2k Aricom Repair Kit is well protected against contamination. Even improper use of the product will not cause it to be irretrievably damaged. In practice, even inexperienced people can use it.

The way our set is manufactured is also worth mentioning. Each element is made of recycled materials or raw materials of natural origin. They are safe for both users and the environment.

The above examples clearly show why our repair kit has gained so much recognition among drivers as well as manufacturers of recognized car brands. Cooperation with industry leaders means that more and more end users have access to a modern solution, which is the Aricom repair kit.

How to use the repair kit?

Our product has been designed to be as simple as possible. In this way, we ensure the greatest availability, even for amateurs. It can be used by the elderly or inexperienced drivers without any problems. This is why Aricom repair kits have such a huge advantage over standard spare wheels.

To use the product, simply connect the bottle to the compressor and tighten the hose to the connector in the bottle and the valve in the tire. Then connect the compressor cable to the car socket and turn on the device. That’s all. Nothing more is needed to deal with a flat tire.

Which car brands use tire repair kits?

With the help of our kit, you can travel up to 200 kilometers while maintaining a speed of 80 km/h. Our solution is very convenient. It has been used in Audi, Bugatti, Jaguar, Lamborghini, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Volvo, Škoda, and many others. The above-mentioned manufacturers are known for their commitment to quality and attention to detail. Therefore, they opted for a system that will save space in their vehicles. This affects the entire design of cars as well as customer satisfaction. Functional cars with an intuitive fault elimination system are more willingly chosen by customers who want innovative solutions.

In the end, repair kits are more useful than spare wheels. They take up less space, are easier to use, and can be used even in difficult conditions. That is why car manufacturers are now opting for modern systems. Repair kits are now fitted to almost half of all vehicles of recognized brands. There are many indications that the percentage will increase in the near future.