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What is the difference between hybrid and electric car?

What is the difference between an electric car and a hybrid car?

There are more and more hybrid cars on Polish roads every year, they are much more common than electric ones. These terms should not be used interchangeably, which is often the case due to the lack of precise knowledge regarding the exact operation of the drive in a given model. Contrary to what you may sometimes hear, an electric car and a hybrid car are not the same. Individual models can differ significantly in terms of the operation of the drive system.

Electric cars do not have combustion engines, they are powered only by electricity and they are not equipped with an exhaust system. Zero exhaust emissions is certainly the best solution for the environment.

The increase in the popularity of electric and hybrid cars is visible all over the world. This is due to rising fuel prices and the negative impact of exhaust fumes on the environment. Most European capitals have charging stations for electric cars. Hybrids are now much more popular because they allow you to move freely over longer distances. Long battery charging times and a relatively small number of charging stations can effectively discourage the purchase of an electric car.

How does an electric car work?

Electric cars, commonly known as electric cars, move only thanks to the work of the electric motor. In a situation where the electricity runs out, unfortunately, the driver is forced to time-consuming charging the vehicle. Battery technology is still being developed, unfortunately at the moment it leaves much to be desired. Despite the current short range, electric cars have many advantages. Compared to vehicles with combustion engines, they are much less failure-prone. The issue of the lack of harmful emissions in the form of exhaust fumes is also important. Electric cars are also characterized by great acceleration, which shortens the reaction time, and thus facilitates precise maneuvering of the vehicle. Batteries, most often located under the floor, are a much safer solution than gas or fuel installations, which pose an additional risk in the event of an accident. European countries support drivers using electric cars by allowing them to park for free in the very center. While driving, they can also use additional traffic lanes, which allows them to get to their destination faster during peak hours.

What is a hybrid car?

Hybrid cars use both a combustion engine and an electric motor. The petrol or diesel engine is most often used to charge the batteries, but in some models it is also used to support the electric drive. Some cars can also be charged similarly to electric options using appropriate stations. For this reason, not everyone knows exactly what a hybrid car is. In order not to make this mistake, it is worth getting acquainted with the following information on the differences between the motors and the way the drive works.

What are the types of hybrid cars?

The most common way of classifying hybrid cars concerns the engines used in a given model. The least advanced solution is the micro-hybrid, which, contrary to appearances, is not powered by an electric motor. It is similar to an alternator in that it charges the battery when braking or decelerating. In some models, when the vehicle is started, the electric motor also drives the crankshaft. Micro-hybrids are powered by a combustion or diesel engine.

There are also mild hybrids that are a little more technically complex. In this case, the electric motor supports the operation of the combustion unit during acceleration of the vehicle and, as in the case of micro-hybrids, it charges the batteries during braking.

The most complicated solution are full hybrids, which, unlike the above examples, can be powered by an electric motor. This is undoubtedly the most advanced and desirable form of integrating the operation of the electric and combustion engine.

What are the types of hybrid drives?

Hybrid cars can also be divided in terms of the way the drive works in a given vehicle. The following can be distinguished:

– serial hybrid drive,

– parallel hybrid drive,

– series-parallel hybrid drive.

The series hybrid drive applies to vehicles whose internal combustion engine is responsible for driving the electric current generator. In this solution, it is not connected to the driving wheels, and the excess energy is transferred to the batteries. In the case of parallel drive, the internal combustion engine is connected to the wheels and can work in parallel with the electric unit that drives the vehicle. The series-parallel hybrid drive is a combination of the above solutions.

When is it worth buying an electric car?

An electric car is currently a solution found only in larger cities with a network of electric vehicle charging stations. Before buying, it is worth paying attention to the availability of this type of infrastructure in the area. An electric car works great in densely populated metropolises, if we have to drive no more than 100 kilometers a day. It is worth checking what reliefs are available for owners of electricians in a given country or whether it is possible to apply for support in the form of purchase subsidies.