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What instead of a spare wheel? Tire mobility kit!

Why choose a Tire Reair Kit instead of a spare wheel?

The spare wheel slowly becoming obsolete. An increasing number of drivers focus on modern solutions that allow you to quickly repair a damaged tire, without requiring any effort. The Aircom Tire Mobility Kit (TMK) is easy to use, effective, and can be used by anyone. Why is it worth having TMK with you instead of a spare wheel? First of all, for convenience. Let’s see what benefits we gain by choosing alternative solutions that allow you to repair the damaged wheel yourself, without the need to carry the so-called access roads.

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Aircom's Tire Mobility Kit does not take much space.

Tire mobility kits that allow you to repair the tire by yourself are small, so they will easily fit in any car. What’s more, to be able to use them, you do not need a jack, a wrench for mounting the wheel, or other additional tools. All you need is to have a tire repair kit, which includes a compressor for pumping the wheel and a seal. Tire mobility kits can be transported freely, even in small cars.

Easy and quick repair

The great advantage of using tire repair kits is a clean and quick repair of a damaged tire. Repairing the damage does not pose a risk of getting dirty, which is very important when we plan, for example, for a business meeting. Moreover, it does not require the use of force, it is quick and easy. It takes about ten minutes for the tire to recover. Such comfort is not ensured by the use of a temporary tire, which usually takes much more time to put on.

Traditional wheel replacement is lengthy, and often impossible to carry out on your own due to seized screws, which are difficult to unscrew. Sometimes it is also not possible to use a jack to lift the vehicle due to the advanced corrosion of the sills. A modern tire mobility kit does not cause such problems, does not require the use of force, so it can be successfully used by anyone.

Safe, certified products

Drivers are often afraid of using modern, untested forms of wheel repair, which is mainly due to the lack of knowledge of this type of product. These doubts are completely unfounded. Aircom Tire Mobility Kits are fully effective and safe. This is confirmed by obtaining the certificate in the form of the prestigious IATF 16949: 2016 certificate. What’s more, after repairing the tire with the Aircom tire mobility kit, the distance we can cover is up to 1000 km!

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Gas cars - limited space

Wheel repair kits are recommended for owners of vehicles with an LPG installation. Most often, the gas cylinder is placed in the trunk, which means that the amount of usable space is significantly limited and it is difficult to fit an additional drive in it. Usually, drivers drive without a spare wheel, risking complete helplessness in the event of tire damage and the need to call roadside assistance. Meanwhile, the self-repair package will fit easily in the trunk, or even in the cabin of the car, and will allow you to quickly seal the hole formed in the tread and continue driving.

A complete set of tire mobility kits gives you complete protection

It is difficult to carry more than one spare wheel with you, usually placing one spare tire is difficult. What to do when two, three, or four tires are punctured at once? After all, such situations can happen almost anywhere. Putting a spare wheel will not let you get out of such a problem. Meanwhile, a small Tire Mobility Kit for self-repair fits easily in any car. Such a set consists of a compressor and a sealant. If we want to protect ourselves in the event of four wheels nailing, it is enough to take one compressor and four bottles with sealant with you. This will give you complete protection in the event of bad luck and a puncture on all four tires. The tire mobility kit will then allow you to quickly deal with any damage that has arisen and to reach vulcanization. It is, therefore, a great solution for people who like to feel that they are prepared for any, even the least expected, circumstances.