Why is it worth getting a tire sealant?

Sooner or later, every driver will find himself in a situation where a leaky tire may need to be quickly repaired. The most common solution is, of course, replacement with a spare wheel, often called a spare wheel. However, this is not the only solution. In this article, we present another alternative to the spare tire – Tire Sealant. Here’s how it works, what the benefits of this option are, and how to apply a tire sealant.

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The biggest disadvantage of the spare wheel is the time-consuming replacement process that requires the car to be lifted on one side. For many people, it is also problematic to loosen the fastening, as the hydraulically tightened bolts may require more force. In addition, not everyone has a place in the car to carry half a workshop with them, so that they always have the necessary tools with them. Moreover, the replacement process takes at least several minutes and leaves the driver with an unsightly-looking spare wheel. It is worth noting that the spare wheel saves us only when one of the tires fails, which is not always the case in road conditions. All these aspects make us wonder if the spare wheel is really the best solution, even though it is still the most popular.

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What is tire sealant?

Aircom tire sealant is a solution dedicated to SUV, premium, and compact cars, which allows you to continue your journey. Of course, the driving speed should not exceed 80 kilometers per hour, which should not be a problem on a normal road. The SealAir2K series of products are also characterized by high durability and durability, thanks to which the sealant will retain its properties for up to 5 years from the date of production.

What are the advantages of the Aircom SealAir2K Tire Sealant Repair Kit?

Tire sealant works very quickly and is intuitive to use. Thanks to this, even a layman will be able to repair the tire (see how to use the Aircom repair kit in 4 steps). The repair kit is more and more often found in new cars, such a solution allows for better management of the space needed for storing the spare wheel. In practice, this means a lower weight of the vehicle, which translates into lower fuel consumption. Another advantage is the range, our tire sealant guarantees you to continue your journey up to 1000 kilometers. It is worth adding that Aircom tire sealant allows you to repair one tire in many types of vehicles.

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How to use tire sealant?

A great solution is a series of new repair kits that include a compressor and a SealAir2K Aircom sealing bottle that is appreciated by drivers around the world. These bottles can be purchased as part of the Aircom Tire Repair Kit. The Aircom Sealant bottle attaches directly to the compressor, making it much easier to get the right amount of sealant inside the tire. It is not possible to directly insert the center into the tire. After using the agent, you only need to buy a new bottle with the SealAir2K preparation to be able to use the set again.