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Meet Mateusz

Who is Mateusz Betko?

In our company, he is a mechatronics engineer, i.e. he is involved in designing parts for engines in our compressors, electromagnetic compatibility tests, modifying currently produced tire repair compressors to use them for other customer requirements, testing and analyzing engine damage for further development and designing PCBs printed PCBs.

All to make our tire repair kits even better!

Mateusz is an extremely nice person in our company, always willing to help others, and we have never seen him get angry. Mateusz’s positive personality certainly makes everyone smile in his presence.

Mateusz is also interested in mechatronics outside of work, as evidenced by the fact that he builds and maintains electric cars on his own. In addition, he actively participates in competitions at the national level!

Therefore, when we found out about Mateusz’s unusual hobby, Aircom decided to be part of this adventure! We watched him in Wolsztyn, and recently he also took part in the competition in Piaseczno – where he took 6th place. Congratulations!

We conducted a short interview with Mateusz to find out a bit more…

B: When did you become interested in creating electric car models?

Mateusz: I started to be interested in models around the age of 12. About two years later, I started competing in club competitions. Then the passion developed even more.

B: Who supported you?

Mateusz: Mostly my parents, and mostly my dad. He enabled me to take part in competitions all over Poland and helped me with technical issues

B: Have you had any successes?

Mateusz: Two-time club vice-champion of Poland in 2014 and 2015 and several podium places in the Polish championship

B: What do you enjoy most about this model making and track racing?

Mateusz: There is always a great atmosphere at the competition itself. In addition to positive competition, everyone is willing to talk and exchange experiences.

Working with models greatly develops technical skills.

B: What are the most common obstacles in this field?

Mateusz: Unfortunately, the professions of models themselves are quite undeveloped in our country. We don’t have many tracks. It is also not a cheap hobby, but at a certain level of advancement, probably each involves certain costs.

B: What else awaits us this year? What races and where?

Mateusz: The final of the Polish Championships in Piaseczno and this weekend the warm-up on the same track, i.e. a training competition before the actual event.

B: Would you recommend modeling and going to competitions to others?

Mateusz: I think it’s a great hobby. It develops a lot of skills. In addition to the technical ones, competitions teach punctuality and time management to be ready for each race.

We wish Mateusz much success!

And we keep our fingers crossed that every competition – this place is higher! 😊

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