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The advantage of tire repair kits over other solutions

The advantage of tire repair kits over other solutions (part 1)

In the automotive industry, a trend towards maximum weight reduction in vehicles has been observed for some time in order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment. In this process, car manufacturers are trying to remove unnecessary components from the standard vehicle equipment, including the spare wheel. For this reason, we developed our tire repair kits, which can be used instead of the spare wheel.

The spare wheel weighs at least a dozen kilograms, takes up a lot of space in the trunk and in the event of a flat tire presents a difficult task of changing to a spare. It requires the use of additional tools, involves considerable physical effort (especially with screws locked up due to dirt or lack of prior loosening, e.g. from the moment of purchase). In addition, this situation also usually leads to soiled clothing and soiled car interiors.

The spare wheel is one of the items of a car’s equipment that is recognized by manufacturers as unnecessary. A full-size spare wheel weighs from 12 to even 30 kg (in SUVs). In addition, the weight of the set of tools needed to change the tire should be added (jack, wrenches, etc.). As a result, more and more car manufacturers, have given up the spare wheel to reduce the weight of their vehicles. This tendency is confirmed among others things, by the growing sales of Aircom products year by year.

The reasons for eliminating the spare wheel from a car’s standard equipment is, among others:

• improving the quality of tire due to better product development and the use of innovative materials,

• modern solutions such as TPMS (tire pressure monitoring system) increasing the awareness of car owners in maintaining proper tire pressure – in the case of a sudden pressure drop, tire leaks can appear and fuel consumption can be affected due to poorly inflated tires.

• lack of certainty that a spare wheel can be used in case of tire damage due to, among others: low pressure in unused tire, no possibility to unscrew the bolts in the tire using standard tools from the attached set, or lack of tools.

In case of typical tire damage, car tire repair kits, weighing nearly 10 times less than traditional spare wheels and tools, are the most advantageous alternative for car manufacturers and their clients. The kit consists of a sealant bottle and compressor to pump up the tire. The kits are lighter, easier to use and more practical to handle for men and womenalike. Another important factor which makes our kits so appealing is that many users simply lack the skills and knowledge to replace the damaged tire with a spare.


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