You are currently viewing How Aircom Tire Compressor Components Are Made – Report from Team Meeting

How Aircom Tire Compressor Components Are Made – Report from Team Meeting

How Aircom Tire Compressor Components Are Made - Report from Team Meeting

Material: Andrzej Gorczyński - Project Quality Engineer (cooperation: Łukasz Biega, Beata Nippe, Mateusz Kulejewski)

From the beginning, when I joined Aircom, I was interested in our manufacturing process for tire compressors. I was interested in technologies, I wanted to know why we order such machines for production, not other ones, and what we can achieve with them. And it worked! I must admit that this meeting was worth waiting for!

Jak powstają komponenty kompresora do kół

Parameters of the tire compressor components manufacturing process

I am also glad that our teams reacted so eagerly to the proposal of such a meeting. When I recall it, I was guided by my previous professional experience and university knowledge. As it turns out, everyone found something for themselves in it. Many people reacted positively, for example, Beata Nippe, our Project Engineer, who related her professional career with project management in the areas of plastics even before working at Aircom. She says directly about his feelings:

The knowledge of materials and machines in the compressor construction process

So, since such an experienced person in this matter found this meeting valuable, I think it is worth introducing it as cyclical. It should be emphasized that it was a valuable meeting only about plastics. We spent a lot of time on the machines themselves. Of course, each employee employed in the injection molding hall undergoes a full training process, but Łukasz Biega, Team Manager of the Plastics Department, led it, emphasized that this was not a topic for a one-day meeting:

I also have to praise Łukasz, a specialist with a lot of knowledge, who can explore the subject in simple words. I found it particularly interesting to talk about the orientation of the fibers. The way they flow when flowing is crucial for me from the point of view of the material’s shrinkage or its strength. It is not surprising that Beata found it essential knowledge for people new to the industry:

Each department needs to know how Aircom wheel compressors develop

When convening this meeting, I was aware that it is needed by all departments. You have to remember that what the designer designs, the machines have to do. “Processors guy” must know why we do it this way, and “quality guy” must be able to measure the effects and defend the product against the customer.

While analyzing our process, we came to interesting conclusions the next day. The fact that we make components in Poland, not only because we have full control over their quality. It turns out that we do it faster than external suppliers! In addition, we do not have the cost of storage and transport. 10,000 items a day … the weekly demand for our products would not come in one transport, and it is also significant freezing of cash in a semi-finished product. It is also obvious that thanks to our production of components, we can apply the “just in time” principle and flexibly approach the orders of our partners. The adaptation of machines in the production of the tire air compressor, which Łukasz has already talked about on our website, directly affects the design work. This is what made the biggest impression on Beata:


I hope that such meetings will get into our blood. When acquiring specialists, a company cannot always afford to establish cooperation with a person who has a fully convergent knowledge about the products produced. Especially that in Automotive we use a wide range of materials for the production of tire air compressors.