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Aircom’s Rafał Kejna about Jobicon Recruitment Fair

INTERVIEW: Rafał Kejna, Product Development and Innovation Expert w Aircom Group, tells about his impressions regarding Jobicon Recruitment Fair in Wrocław


Rafał Kejna

Product Development and Innovation Expert

Paweł Koziołek, PR & Marketing Manager, Aircom: You were a speaker at Jobicon Job Fair. What was your lecture about and how did you come up with the idea for it?

Rafał Kejna: I admit that it was my debut as a speaker. My speech was about the development of new products at Aircom. I presented the various stages of product implementation, highlighting key aspects. It was important for me to get across how much we are able to do in-house. We design devices, production lines, and do machine tooling ourselves. We also construct elements of automation to meet production needs. We design and build test stations for R&D departments. We only use external companies when it is absolutely necessary.

6 years ago, Aircom did not produce anything. When I started work, we had finished development of the first product. Now we have 5 products (compressors) – plus sealant (in several variations depending on the customer). We’re still working on new projects. I wanted to show how we got here in a relatively short time by carefully refining our products.

P.K.: Do you like passing on knowledge? How do you feel as an expert sharing your experience with people entering the labor market: with students, with young engineering professionals?

R.K.: I have worked at Aircom for over 6 years. During this time, I’ve participated in the development of all the compressors currently produced. Because of this, I thoroughly understand how they work. I am always happy to help.

It’s important to know what kind of help is expected. The question of why the compressor works in a certain way makes me turn the tables and start asking questions myself. I want to encourage colleagues to explore the challenges they encounter on the path of product development. I believe that the knowledge and experience gained in this way is more valuable and sticks with us longer.

As for young students of engineering, I always appreciate solid fundamentals and the ability to approach a problem analytically.

P.K.: How do you rate the event itself? In your opinion is it worth it to participate in this type of event?

R.K.: It is definitely worth emphasizing the professional approach in organizing job fairs like these. That was my feeling as a speaker. During this type of event, you can meet a lot of valuable people – who knows, maybe even future employees. It is worth investing in new graduates. They can test out their knowledge against the realities of the company, and most importantly, they can constantly develop themselves – especially in a company such as Aircom, where we spend a lot of time on research and development.

P.K.: How do you rate the fair in terms of visitors to our stand?

R.K.: Very good. I met, for example, a very interesting person who could help us in our development work. I don’t get to decide whether we’ll hire him, but I will remember him if the need arises. I also saw a lot of students and graduates. They asked about internship programs. There was a lot of interest in our stand. And what to do with the CV stack we’ve received is the HR department’s challenge.