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What would happen If your car didn’t pass technical review?

Every owner of a passenger car is required to undergo regular technical inspections in most countries. Drivers should be aware of the importance of a properly functioning and safe vehicle. It is also important to know what will happen if the inspector identifies disqualifying faults during the inspection. What penalty does a driver face for failing to undergo an inspection and does the owner of the vehicle face a fine for its late completion?

Vehicle technical inspection – how often does it need to be performed?

The requirements for periodic car inspections vary by country and jurisdiction. In many countries, it is mandatory to have regular technical inspections of vehicles to ensure they are safe to operate on public roads. However, there are some countries where regular technical inspections are not mandatory. Even though, it is worth checking your car at least once a year.

Your car didn’t pass the inspection? What next?

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Periodic checks are a great way to find errors in your car before it is too late. If performed regularly it will provide you with up-to-date information about your car’s condition. When the inspector finds some errors you should consider taking care of them before the next ride. In the worst scenario, not taking care of a problem may lead to an accident. In countries with obligatory vehicle check you may also get a ticket during police control or have your car confiscated.

How does technical review influence your insurance?

When discussing the penalties for driving without a technical inspection, many drivers forget about the aspect that is not directly related to safety on road. We are, of course, talking about the impact of the lack of current technical inspections on an insurance policy. In the case of third-party liability insurance, victims will receive compensation even without technical inspections. However, one should be prepared for at least a loss of discounts or other penalties provided for in the contract or general insurance terms. The lack of inspection may also affect comprehensive insurance policies.

The insurer may consider that the failure to perform a technical inspection contributed to the occurrence of the damage. In such a situation, even if the premiums are paid on time, in the event of damage to one’s own vehicle, the compensation received may be significantly reduced or even not received at all. This is another reason why it is worth complying with the mandatory technical inspection deadlines and not worrying about potential fines or penalties caused by the lack of inspections.

A vehicle check is always worth it!

Driving on the road with an untested and potentially faulty vehicle not only exposes you to penalties and many inconveniences but most importantly, it poses a danger to your health and life. That is why it is so important to visit the diagnostic station on time. It is worth remembering this when scheduling an inspection well in advance.

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