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Aircom Family Picnic 2019

Aircom Family Picnic 2019

On 15th of June, we had a great pleasure to take part in annual Aircom Family Picnic.

We started at 3:00 PM in Glininanki by the Municipal Stadium in Wrocław. Great weather, fabulous dishes and lots of attractions let us spend this time in a really pleasant way. Every attendee received a pack of orange Aircom’s gimmicks – sunglasses and baseball caps. There were also anti-storm umbrellas available as contest rewards. At the end of the day they were really useful as after the hot afternoon the late evening brought us a rainstorm! But even then Aircom’s employees had great fun during various competitions, among other sack race or relay race on the rails. The organizers prepared also manual attractions for children like preparing forests in the jars, braiding coronets or facepainting.

Our employees left Glinianki a long time after 9:00 PM happy and fully recharged!

Aircom’s IT Specialist, Krzysztof Jaworecki, has shared his impressions with us.


Krzysztof Jaworecki

Aircom's IT Specialist


Paweł Koziołek, PR & Marketing Manager, Aircom: How do you find this year’s family picnic?

Krzysztof Jaworecki: I find our annual event really well! The atmosphere was so good that even a storm wasn’t able to spoil our humors! For me, it was even a plus!

P.K.: Which attractions do you think were the best?

K.J.: I must say I really enjoyed the obstacle course with rubber balls. It wasn’t easy to finish it without falling down. When someone ended it suceeded, she or he felt a huge blast of adrenaline and rapid heartbeat.

P.K.: Did you like the place of the leisure?

K.J.: The choice of Glinianki was really on point. If we had chosen e.x. Strzegom, we would have been all chased by storm and hailstones.

P.K.: What tasted best during the picnic?

K.J.: I really liked sausages and pork neck. I had also an opportunity to taste pancakes which were amazing!

P.K.: If you are to compare this year’s event with the last year’s one, how would you evaluate it?

K.J.: As usual this year’s picnic was awesome. It always is! I must say that Aircom’s Family Picnics are a strong point of the company.

P.K.: Thank you for the conversation, Krzysztof.

K.J.: Thanks!

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