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Women in Aircom

Women in Aircom: juxtaposition

The lion’s share of employees in Aircom branches in Europe and Asia are production workers. Notably, most of them are women.

Aircom Group is an engineering holding company. So, what’s the reason for this seemingly unusual trend? Marek Ludwicki, a personnel specialist at Aircom Automotive, explains the structure of employment, “This situation results directly from the nature of the production work and the work environment in our company. Our car tire repair kits have compact dimensions, and the components from which we create our products are mostly small ones.”

The production process at Aircom itself does not require physical strength per se, but rather well-developed manual skills and accuracy. What features should an Aircom production worker have?

“Our employees are diligent, conscientious, and sensitive to the quality of the product,” continues Ludwicki. “The ladies who work in our production area can be considered honest about their duties, hardworking, and particularly good at dealing with manual work on assembly lines – especially work that requires highly-developed accuracy and precision,” he reiterates.


Employees at Aircom are focused on development and acquiring new skills, even in the most complex job positions. They are also knowledgeable and interested in implementing solutions that streamline and improve the functioning of the company.

It’s of no small importance that the ladies employed in Aircom Automotive bring a lot of good to the company and add to the cordial atmosphere. Through their cheery disposition, they contribute to building a positive atmosphere which is important to the functioning of Aircom Automotive.

That’s why you can easily say that Aircom is the perfect place to work for women.

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