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Quick car tire repair – repair kit

Quick car tire repair - repair kit

Tire repair kits have many advantages over the traditional solution, which is carrying a spare wheel in the trunk with a set of wrenches and other accessories. Why is the wheel repair kit so effective? Read on for answers to any questions regarding wheel repair at an express pace, using a specialized repair kit.

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What is a Tire repair kit?

The car tire mobility kit consists of two basic elements – a tire sealant and a compressor with which it will be pressed inside the tire. However, we will talk about the advantages a bit later, focusing here rather on the principle of operation.

The place of air loss from the tire is sealed by means of the sealant being forced into the tire through the valve, which has the properties of a weld resistant to high pressure. The sealant is distributed over the entire inner surface of the tire but is particularly concentrated where the air is escaping. The increase in pressure along with the simultaneous application of the preparation automatically fills the damage, enabling further driving.

Product reliability remains an extremely important consideration when using a tire repair kit. Make sure that the offered solution allows you to safely continue driving at least several dozen kilometers from the place where the puncture occurred. The repair kit avoids the costly towing of the vehicle and saves waiting time for help by taking the driver to the nearest vulcanization point. By using the Aircom repair kit, vehicle owners have the option to travel up to 1000 km (in the case of the tire repair kit). This allows you to freely search for a place to repair the tire. Repair kits must ensure the proper performance of the compressor itself, which is the heart of the entire system. Its ability to continuously inflate the wheel until full pressure is reached is a condition for the efficient operation of the tire sealant.

The benefits of repair kits - save time and money

Now let’s move on to describing the benefits of tire repair kits for which most new car makers have chosen to use permanently. The significant space-saving in the trunk comes to the fore here. The dimensions of the repair kits allow you to place them literally anywhere – in the trunk pocket or under the seat, and the weight does not prevent them from being carried freely. The tire repair kit is also a more economical choice – by purchasing it, we save on the spare wheel.

Not everyone can replace the wheel on their own, which requires the use of additional accessories (jack, wheel wrench), as well as a considerable force when unscrewing the bolts. The tire repair kit is easy to use and can therefore be used by any driver.

The sealing bottle has been designed so that it can be quickly and safely connected to the compressor and then to the car wheel. The process of pumping the wheel takes a few minutes. Restoring the vehicle’s ability to drive further with a repair kit requires no effort on the part of the driver, which is an excellent advantage in unfavorable weather conditions.

Repair kit and road safety issues

The internal joint formed by the sealant allows the travel to continue for a long distance, allowing you to reach a repair shop for a full repair of the damaged tire. Maintaining pressure is possible up to a certain speed, which should not be exceeded. It is also worth mentioning that using the wheel repair kit allows us to continue driving on tires with the same tread (we use the same tire), which is not possible with a spare wheel. Tire tread differences affect the behavior of the car on the road. This issue does not occur at all with the use of the tire repair kit.

Moreover, Aircom mobility kits are reusable after refilling the sealant. This is of particular importance for ecology, also generating financial savings for vehicle owners. Only a car tire compressor from a reputable company, which is part of the repair kit, guarantees a long service life and efficiency, enabling universal use also in other situations on the road.

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Tire repair kit - is it worth replacing the spare wheel?

Traveling with a spare wheel only makes sense in very few cases. First of all, vulcanization plants are available in many places today, and you don’t have to travel hundreds of kilometers to get there. In addition, if we have a tire repair kit, it is worth remembering that Aircom’s wheel sealant allows you to drive up to 1000 kilometers. Thanks to this, even a failure that happens to us away from the site should not be terrible.

It can be a big loss than to carry a spare wheel instead of a good quality repair kit. Not only does the tire take up a lot of space, but it also weighs down the car. So the conclusion is one – for most people, tire repair kits are a very good and practical solution.

Punctures become common tire damage when hitting a sharp object. The rapid loss of pressure makes it impossible to continue driving, although the rest of the tire remains perfectly functional. The sealant from the repair kit will quickly fill the break in the tire structure, safely taking the driver to the service for comprehensive repair. Ease of use, low cost, and small size additionally speak for equipping each car with professional repair kits.