You are currently viewing The advantage of tire repair kits over other solutions (vol. 2)

The advantage of tire repair kits over other solutions (vol. 2)

The advantage of tire repair kits over other solutions (part 2)

Our tire repair kits were created in response to the trend observed in the automotive industry of maximizing the weight reduction of vehicles in order to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted into the environment. In line with this trend, car manufacturers have been trying to eliminate unnecessary components from standard car equipment, one those being the spare tire.

Let’s take a look at the statistics of diverse age rates ways of behavior from the States, GB and Germany.

According to the results of the “America’s Automotive IQ: Analyzing Automotive Knowledge in the U.S” survey conducted by Cheap Car Insurance, in 2016 among more than 2000 American drivers, 21.8% of them had no idea how to change a damaged tire. Fewer than half of the respondents (42.2%) answered that they were confident in their tire-changing skills. [source:]. This is also confirmed by the results of the American Automobile Club (AAA) study. [source:].

Barely half of vehicle owners whose vehicles were equipped with a spare time were willing to use them in case of a flat tire. [source:]. In addition, a survey conducted on over 1,000 drivers in the United Kingdom by Leasing Options in 2016 showed that 55% of British drivers would not be able to change the tire of their car by themselves (in the 18-24 age bracket, up to 76% of respondents). According to the British Automotive Association (AA), tire problems are the second most common reason for calling roadside assistance in the UK (over 300,000 reports a year).

The situation in Germany is illustrated by the December 2016 results of a representative survey carried out by the Fors Institute of opinion research: only 54% of respondents declared that they know how to change a tire (80% of male and 28% of female respondents). [source:].

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