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How to fix a car tire and what tool to use?

How to repair a tire yourself and what tools to use?

Anyone can have any kind of traffic incident. This is an obvious truth, but it is easy to forget if you believe in your abilities or luck too much. Meanwhile, even the most careful driver awaits many surprises on the road. The tire is a particularly sensitive element of the car, a puncture prevents further driving. The fastest way to get rid of the problem is to repair the wheel yourself. But how to do it and what do you need to have with you to restore its functionality? You can find out in our article.

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All the necessary tools to repair a car tire

A tire is an object with a very simple structure. It would seem, therefore, that thanks to its simplified structure, it should not cause problems when repairing. And this is largely true. However, this does not mean that it can be patched with anything. For this, you need very specific tools.

Among them, there are, among others a car jack, a wheel wrench, or a valve screwdriver. Anyone who has ever had to repair a wheel on their own knows perfectly well how difficult this task is, even with the equipment replaced.

First of all: the complete set weighs a lot, which increases fuel consumption while driving. So you have to be prepared for additional costs if you want to be well prepared for any situation.

Secondly, repairing a wheel with wrenches and screwdrivers on your own requires – simply in the world – a lot of physical effort. So it is not difficult to imagine how a punctured tire can destroy, for example, holiday plans, when a person only thinks about rest, and not about other duties. Especially if the repair takes place in unfavorable weather conditions that effectively hinder it. Then such repairs can take up to several dozen extremely unpleasant minutes, especially if you have no one to help.

Repair of the wheel using a repair kit with a vulcanization cord

For the above reasons, many people choose more comfortable solutions. One of them is a vulcanization cord. It is quite a handy set, which consists of a spindle, a crochet hook, and the aforementioned string, the surface of which is covered with special glue.

Unfortunately, the use of such a set is very complicated. The biggest difficulty is putting the rope into the hole. It may also happen that the hole is too small for the part covered with the adhesive. Then calibration of the hole is necessary.

The simplest solution: a compact Tire Repair Kit by Aircom

A modern repair kit is a much better way to repair a wheel yourself. Delivered by our company, it is characterized by ease of use, efficiency, and low weight.

The Aircom repair kit consists of a compressor and tire sealant. What does self-repair of a car tire with such equipment look like? It’s just a few steps!

  1. At the very beginning, it is enough to take the elements out of the packaging. For this, we recommend that you read the attached instructions to be sure that everything will be done by the rules. To watch the video instruction in some cases would be preferred.
  2. Then connect the bottle with the sealant and the compressor. The hose is screwed onto both the connector in the bottle and the valve in the tire.
  3. Now you only need to plug the compressor’s mains cable into the car 12V socket and switch it on.
  4. Inflating the car tire takes a few more minutes – without any effort on the part of the driver.
  5. Once the process is complete, start driving your car immediately. (yes, time is precious here, start as soon as you can)
  6. After driving a minimum of 10 km, stop the car and check that the pressure is at the correct level. For this, it is enough to reconnect the compressor to the wheel, but without the sealant bottle.

If the pressure has not decreased after driving a few kilometers, it means that you can safely continue your journey. This example clearly shows how simple it is to repair with the Aircom repair kit.

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